How to match shirt and tie?

The tie and shirt are two of the most used in men’s clothing, symbols of elegance and style for every man.Unfortunately, being so widespread, often they are also the heads with which they commit the most serious errors by pairing point of view, of colors and patterns that can be juxtaposed and that have nothing to do with each of them.

The boundary between creativity, gambling and good taste dall’obbrobrio is really thin, which is why it is good to know how to choose the tie to pull over to the right shirt , know the colors that go well together and what is best to wear in according to different occasions and at different times of day.

Here, then, are the ten rules to match tie and shirt in the most cool and trendy.

  1. We start with a blue tie , by strictly worn with the white shirt (neutral color that goes with everything), or a blue shirt , to be preferred especially in the case of complexions particularly candid. If the will is, instead, to dare, you can also use a striped shirt .

  1. The red tie should always be worn with a white shirt or blue . This type of combination is preferred by the US President Barack Obama. The choice may also fall back on a striped shirt , but it is very important that these are thin and almost imperceptible.

  1. The black tie is the exclusive prerogative of an event that takes place in the evening, so it sconsigliatissimo wear it during the day. The most right combination is the one with a white shirt or light gray .

  1. The silver tie is, by definition, the tie to be used for a ceremony; silk and shiny effect, only wearing a white shirt. The latter, to be more elegant, must have double cuffs.

  1. The regimental tie is distinguished from that of English origin if the oblique lines that distinguish it go from right to left, and the American, with the direction to the contrary. This type of tie should be worn with a plain shirt in or, for those who want to dare, with a striped , but do not follow the same direction as those of the tie.

  1. The small polka dot tie is to be considered, such as solid-color tie , a true master key for fashion. So no rule, because these types of tie can match the shirt of your choice showing always a flawless look.

  1. The tie with polka dots large , however, is only wearing a plain shirt in , this, above all, not to create confusion in style.

  1. The paisley tie is one of the most popular fantasies of men, however, attention to combination, to do only with a solid colored shirt , possibly of the same shade.

  1. The patterned tie, with decorations, small images or repeated embroidery across the width, it is worn with a plain-colored shirts united or invisible lines .

  1. The knitted tie is the sporty tie, colorful and blunt; this must be taken with a plain shirt or striped in that, with a casual jacket or unstructured, will complete a perfect outfit for all informal occasions.

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