Are you fed up to 2 hours to find the right dress for the wedding of your brother? Here’s few french cuff shirts.

Learn how to select a quality suit, in no time, knowing where to look and what brand to choose.

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Every man, sooner or later to wear a suit, and it is sometimes a challenge. How to choose the color? The cup ? Size ? The brand ? What budget to invest? Rest assured, you are not alone, we’ve all been there … that’s also why we want to present you avoid it.
With the Guide blazer and suit for man, we wanted to go further than our previous articles. In addition to answering all your questions, we will talk about brands, budget, history, not to mention the professional interviews!

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Petit Guide Blazer Men

There are a few months, I gave you some tips to choose his costume , or to dress well for a first day of work . Today we tackle something classic, but still elegant: the blazer.
A blazer, looks at first sight to a suit jacket, and yet there are many differences that we’ll see all throughout this article. Among our most stylish friends, it is easier to talk about sports jacket for a mismatched blazer of his trousers, which then go with chinos mostly. Or jeans, for those who are less difficult than purists costume.

The difference between a blazer and a suit jacket

ALL you read on blogs that deal with men’s fashion or elegance gentlemen, a blazer is not a suit jacket . Both are even more different.
A blazer is a casual jacket, shorter in the buttocks, you can wear with jeans or chinos. Try wearing your suit jacket with jeans, and you will soon realize it will be too large. Or at least very badly proportionate to the silhouette of your outfit. So beware, you are warned, this error is now strictly forbidden! (We unfortunately made all one day, usually with too much black jacket hanging in our wardrobe …)

Besides the black suit, you also avoid except for funerals and the case of Black tie, tuxedos for us French.

blazer suit difference

How to choose a blazer?

This time, it happens almost like a suit , I invite you to read the article on the costumes I quoted you above. But as a reminder, you must check the following:

Width and dropped shoulders (The stitching has to happen on the bones of your shoulder, not before or after)
Bending (There is also a question of taste, but it should not be any excess fabric under your arms, and we prefer a high armhole)
Quality and presence of the buttonhole (On the entry level, it is a false lapel, buttons are plastic and sewn on fabrics)
Fabric quality (Synthetic? Wool? Cotton?)
Lining Material (if there is one? Is it natural fiber or polyester which makes sweat?)
Sleeve length (they normally arrive at the base of the wrist so that your shirt that reaches the base of the thumb, beyond just right)
length of the jacket (again, it happens usually in the waist for a blazer slightly bent and mid-buttock for a classic suit jacket)
Fusing interlining or jacket (the second solution is much better but much more expensive. You can find semi-entoillage from 400-500 euros)
If this “checklist” you seem satisfactory once the jacket in hand, you choose a basic color you can wear regularly (if ever …) and the jacket is in your budget, you can buy it without taking too much risk! Remember, the colors in which it is better to start are navy blue and gray, but if you already own them, nothing prevents you from approaching other colors and stripes, plaid and I pass. The world belongs to you gentlemen!

What color to choose for a blazer?


This question is interesting indeed seen that we should not ask this angle.
The real question is: What color do you need? How is made up your wardrobe? For what season you will choose your blazer / sports jacket?

If for example you have only jeans and a beige chinos, it is useless to buy a purple blazer! Here, a pretty gray blazer will do nicely and will partner well with the rest of your outfit. If you hate the gross prefer jeans and gray, beige pants or other colors, a blue blazer for you will be the right solution.

If you have already provided a wardrobe, you have many basic pieces, so here it is interesting to have fun to choose color blazers. You will surely put less often, they brighten up your outfits so you know match colors .

What matters for my blazer?


For this question, it really depends on your means.
There are some beautiful jackets in many materials and fabrics.
In the ready-to-wear standard, you will find mainly cotton, polyester, viscose and a little wool in the best brands.
These are not subjects of the “most pleasant” to wear for two synthetic, but they can provide jackets and blazers quite satisfactory if the cut is respected (if this is not the case, arm yourself a good finisher).

Do not hesitate to turn to wool, cashmere for winter if you have the means. You will find 100% wool jackets entry, even if the material is not exceptional for cashmere it will of course be more expensive.
And for summer, opt for the seersucker or linen, which are lighter and comfortable to wear. We find today many parts of range input in these matters, but go if you can for a mid-range (from 350-400 euros generally).

And if you do not want to get too hot, especially flee polyester lining. (Although the fact that the jacket is heat sealed, does not help breathing, but here’s another topic).

Do I really need a blazer?

The answer is definitely YES.
The blazer with jeans, shirt or beautiful shoes are indispensable parts of the male wardrobe.
If you can do without a pair of desert boots, a pair of sneakers or d a bright red chino, it is more difficult to have an interesting locker room without a blazer for her outfits.
the blazer allows the layering but also remain “elegant” as the temperature increases.
Finally the multitude of materials and colors, or cuts, you will make very interesting visual associations. No gentlemen, you will not escape.

Select your budget

For very small budgets and students:
for you no choice, we have to go to the ready-to-wear mass.
You will not find beautiful materials, but we can still find interesting cuts.
Check side Celio Club, H & M, Zara, Topman, ASOS. You will find jackets that are off balances generally between 60 and 150 euros. If the quality is not really the appointment, the blazer “will taff” and the cuts are quite acceptable for the price.

Average budgets:
For medium budgets, exit major ready-to-wear brands that are not exceptional things, go to the houses whose dress or jacket are the core business. Emmanuel Kahn, De Fursac, Melinda Gloss, Balibaris, Digel, Baruti, Ly Adams, Human comedy etc … you will have nice rooms for a price between 300 and 500 euros.

Added 10/02/2015: We have tested the meantime the brand Confident Paris , half a measure of quality for average budgets we are fully satisfied. We recommend it without hesitation if you are in Paris and have a budget between 400 and 600 euros for a great costume.

Big budgets:
. For you only one thing to do, so far
. Small measure, largely depending on your budget, but it is the best offer you can find
if you do not have access, you can still you turn to brands.
in this case, the best advice I can give you rest Smalto, large ready-to-wear brand whose costume is the core business.

To measure: Go see the side home Scavini for smaller budgets (still rely 1500-1600 euros entrance fee) or simply in Cifonneli for large budgets.
If you have a big budget but you want to stay in the Ready-to-wear: choose husbands.
You will find beautiful costumes entoilés around 1300 euros.

DO NOT: Even if you find VERY nice rooms in major fashion houses such as Dior, Saint Laurent and all the others, the quality of the garment that you will get will not be worth the price.
If you really want to spend the money, appointments tailor a loan to you or wait to travel to London, Paris or Italy.
This is probably where you will find the most beautiful costumes and the most beautiful blazers if you stay in Europe.

PS: As for the measure on Asian. You can find things very well for are pretty ridiculous only doing VERY attention to materials, which can quickly destroy the custom of interest.

And you, what are your favorite blazer brands and how do you wear?
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Finally, because it is never finished, I made a small list amazon, for those who have no budget to invest but need a blazer VERY quickly to less than 150 euros (yes, it can also be used …)

– A Prince of Wales in orange FlatSeven
– A small blue jacket with Selected
– but also at Benetton
– A blue blazer with Hackett London
– Also at Esprit
– The small beige Blazer unknown but that goes for that price .

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