I chose to talk about the summer jacket today because it is a very versatile piece of menswear, which is easily worn with everything (or almost) and also allows users to highlight other parts your outfit. on the program: • The fundamental benchmarks to choose his blazer (cutting, material, color). • a selection of quality brands according to your budget. • The different styles are available to you with a good blazer .
The main characteristics of a good blazer

The cut: be very vigilant

This is the first thing to watch when you go to shop:
• Shoulders should break without folds

• The right and left sides of your jacket must remain parallel when opened: it is synonymous with good bending

• Length the blazer should stop halfway buttocks

• the sleeves must be adjusted without compressing and you must stop at the wrist bone to reveal 1 to 2 centimeters of your shirt.

If the sleeves do not go, retouching (lengthening and shortening) are common and relatively inexpensive, so do not hesitate! Last tip : to check that the jacket is adjusted as necessary, you need to place a fist between your plexus and jacket when closed.

Even open jacket, fallen is very good: the Blazer maintains its bending

Photo credit: BonneGueule.fr

Materials: choose natural

With the arrival of good weather, choose light fabrics such as cotton or linen, even wool with finer fabrics over the winter. Avoid synthetic fibers as they leave very little air to pass: you may sweat profusely (no, I’m kidding but do still care).
The finishes, take the time to look

They are very representative of the qualitative aspect of the garment, you will find that from the top of the range means: mother of pearl buttons, wooden or horn give a more authentic look to the piece, while the presence of a real buttonholes on the sleeves also are very good quality indices.


Here on the 02-BGMG jacket signed BonneGueule x Melinda Gloss wooden buttons highlight the warmth of the blue powder.

Photo credit: BonneGueule.fr

Colors: Choose easy to assemble

Side color, navy blue and gray help you get started, without missteps. You can also try neutral tones such as sand, taupe or pastel colors that will marry well with a sky blue shirt or white for example. Note: it avoids the black which tends to dull the complexion. Very light and elegant, the pattern “seersucker” (fine white and blue stripes) can also be a good alternative.
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Brands blazers we recommend

Note that a brand can target a certain type of morphology (Acne or the Human Comedy will be advised if you are rather large and end for example) and you will hardly find a quality blazer below 100 € (they age very bad).

Less than 300 € • Selected • AnthonyGarçon • Uniqlo (ideal for casual jackets) • Frank & Oak • Suit Supply (quality / good price) From 300 to 450 € • The Human Comedy • Filippa K • Barena • Acne • Balibaris • Our legacy From 450 to 600 €
• Melinda Gloss

• Gant Rugger

• Tiger of sweden More than 600 € • Husbands • And custom-made (eg Samson)
For more information, you can take a look at the budget to spend for other essential (clothing) of the male wardrobe.

Choose your style: the more casual to elegant.

I chose to present the looks created with the blazer a collaboration between BonneGueule and Melinda Gloss, to show you how a summer jacket can be versatile and easy to wear when well chosen.

Sportswear / urban look: make contrasting styles

The association white shirt / blazer is very nice and easy to wear every day. It creates an interesting contrast between the relaxed style of the shirt and the more formal blazer pace, which can give relief to your outfit without overdoing it.


Add a raw denim jeans and a pair of sneakers: nothing fancy but it’s
very effective (including the weekend)!

Photo credit: BonneGueule.fr

It can also play on the contrast between the jacket and more casual pieces to obtain a spontaneous and elegant outfit. The combination of raw denim jeans with a chambray shirt or “Oxford” (more formally) in pastel colors is a good base if you want to avoid the mistakes of tastes. Warning: your shirt should not be longer than your jacket . for jeans, do not hesitate to make a hem to showcase your shoes. Side color, you can let bright colors like Luca (pictured) with red sneakers, to provide punch to the outfit. To go further, you can complete your look with a colorful bracelet NATO (cloth ) to your watch confirming the spirit of summer style.

With a clear chinos for a more urban look.

clothing worn: chino Dnm Pieces, BGMD-02 shirt, belt When I was Seventeen.

Photo credit: BonneGueule.fr

The casual style: stay stylish without the fuss

For a slightly more structured look, we opt for shirts in poplin, twill oxford or you can go with a beige chinos or jeans blue crude night / black.


Or with jeans fabric selvedge if you prefer its looks more “raw”.

clothing worn: Hast shirt Bonnegueule raw denim.

Photo credit: BonneGueule.fr

The formal style: stay well dressed even in the office

We end on a more dressy look where blazer replaces the suit jacket bringing a more modern look and dynamic silhouette.


A more formal dress for everyday life.

clothing worn: Toxan shirt Balibaris tie, shoes Paul Evans, Toxan pants.

Photo credit: BonneGueule.fr

Accessories: Easily customize your style

The accessories are very useful to break the formality of a jacket and let you customize your outfit to your taste.


Here, white and blue pouch has a balance with this shirt
designs, very casual.

Photo credit: BonneGueule.fr

Silk, wool, cotton or linen, you will surely find your happiness in pocket Square.


In an informal register (but dressed), you can bring a touch of elegance to your outfit with a knitted tie.

Photo credit: BonneGueule.fr

You will find, for example in Leg Frog House or tie everything you’ll need. Know that most brands offer ties. More delicate and original, linen bow tie is also a good choice. Last tip : take the opportunity to play on textures and patterns. Now I hope you find your happiness more easily the next time you visit shop.
Find more advice on the blazer on our human fashion blog BonneGueule.fr : brands findings, recommendations to choose and match your clothes, or interviews with experts await you.

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