Here is a new basic par excellence, not least! The jacket is one of the most elegant pieces of men’s style. With more not inconsequential qualities (flexibility and versatility) the jacket includes a range of clothes that match the know tastes. And this is what attests to popularity is not fading with time.

It is inconceivable not to have at least one classic fitted jacket, which may be associated as well with a suit pants with jeans and sneakers. However, there are many more jackets than the suit: the blazer , shorter and casual, jacket , in a different and more insulating style, parka , cardigan …

Beyond knowing what would correspond jacket for you, because it depends mostly on your sensitivity, we will see how to make the best possible choice when buying. Since the jacket is often confused with the costume room, we speak here of “jacket” as a generic term, bringing together all types of jackets.

All is well ? So let’s go.

What to consider before buying your jacket

blue jacket

Before considering cutting, bending and elements of composition, directly approach the material . It is important to know what type of jacket you will be both comfortable and practical , instead opting for an elegant room but that will make you shiver or sweat on the street.

According to the temperatures you encounter during mid-season, you can find a jacket that will keep you, according to your needs, more or less warm. There are many possibilities and choices, we recommend simply best to avoid synthetic materials (viscose, acetate, polyester, acrylic …).

Opt for materials more akin:

The Tweed keeps heat well, the weaving of wool is thick enough.
Of Denim is not only the flagship material of jeans, jacket is also insulated and comfortable.
The cotton is less insulation, so it will be a good choice for hot environments.
“The leather dilemma”:

look-of-the-day …- burberry-prorsum

Very virile and effective for the beginning and end of cold periods, the leather remains a strong preference among many people. Choose a jacket rather than what is called “leather jacket”, although more difficult to carry and combine with your clothes. Paradoxically the jacket belongs to the category of jackets. Just ask once entered the shop where type jacket leather jackets are.

You follow me ? You are still here ? Good.😉

Good points a midseason jacket:

Have you read our article on the suit ? Information on the suit jacket included and there will be useful to you capture a beautiful piece that will make you honor.

We’ll give you this time more specific guidance which also concern blazers and jackets, more casual and versatile:

Your body structure will determine the position of the buttons, the width of lapels and the whole of the jacket structure.
The first point to consider is not so much the shoulders but bending, underarms and back . Your jacket should not exceed shoulders or you do too much swagger. It is the height to give you a beautiful silhouette without excessive wrinkles or twist at the buttons. If these three points are observed, it’s all good.
Consider the depth of the gorge, which is defined by the V shape between the two sides of the jacket. Close the top button, the ideal being to recall one or two centimeters above the navel. This allows you to better distinguish your body by boosting the size of the top and bottom.
One or maximum two buttons, not three, that may be a bit “tired”. And if you can, do not close the bottom button.
On the slots, having two is a reliable choice. Know a jacket to a slit at center back may be suitable for very thin people, but usually opt for a double slit is better for a jacket fits with your movements. Another detail of interest, the jacket with two slits is less likely to be offended when you work long sitting.
Sizes and morphologies


Some good strategic decisions on cuts will make a remarkable difference:

Long jackets straight cut are particularly recommended for large, whatever your corpulence. For men who are 1m65 or less, choose jackets (type jackets for example) stopping over or halfway buttocks, which élancera your pace.
Considering the setbacks, we advised you to choose depending on the width of your shoulders. Specifically, consider an acceptable setback from 5 to 8 cm, these measures also up for thin bodied men. On the tips of the setbacks, it is best to avoid them if you are thin.
S you have a jacket that goes well on several points but fails you as to its size, the sleeves too long, for example, you can quite bring it get touch. This applies not only handles elsewhere, but also on the bending or back!
The styles of jacket

For starters, what can you do with a suit or blazer-type jacket? Must wear closed or open?

Everything will depend on truth of the quality of the bend: a good bending lets you choose both options without problems, while a low-end jacket will not make you service if you wear … unbuttoned. This does not mean it must close all to be stylish, it depends on the context and other parts you have. In the case of a formal outfit or with a denim shirt, button it simply, if you accompany a shirt feel free to leave it open and sleeves rolled up.

Away from the suit effect


A well-cut jacket convey an elegant and virile man image, but there is nothing easier than breaking the strict side of a suit jacket or blazer, especially for our high school friends who want to barter their big sweets and baggies for another style while staying in the casual:

Pair it with a light and deconstructed shirt (such as Rick Owens or Kowtow) in a single color or print – for these, we would really recommend going to see good designer pieces, printed T-shirts being often parts of very low quality.
A pair of Nike Dunk type for example, robust and comfortable, will be perfect with.
For students studying in upscale establishments and should follow a uniform, you can make a difference with a subtly beautiful blazer in cotton for example. More sophisticated, the blazer will offer many opportunities both on the grounds that the materials.
Bold ideas to mark the occasion

Derby slightly loose with a leather jacket. These shoes are associated with all types of outfits and give you a casual touch of class. If you have the middle particularly in the torso, do not take a pair too fine.
Sports shoes – unworn – patterned and colorful may well be combined with a blazer for a nice effect.
Do you take socks striped or patterned if your jacket and the rest of your outfit is not printed (checks, stripes, dots, etc.).
Tips for colors


Better to stay in basic to start, the jacket is a strong piece, it will serve to beautify other parts with which you try different color combinations.

The gray and blue therefore remain a reliable solution for the jacket. Avoid black and white, preferable at major events – and again. For leather pieces, prefer brown, easy to dial in an outfit.

The challenge of the jacket is to beautify your figure and make the finishing touches with the other pieces that you wear .
As if were … a gift package. This is certainly not the best reference but hey, you get the idea. 🙂

The daring decision will be most effective for example by playing on the colors of a shirt, pants and shoes on a jacket.

However, for more originality:

Look for jackets with buttons and linings with different colors.
Try the grounds of discrete preference to associate with simple clothes (like the shirt).
Need inspiration? Everything you need is here.
VS Budget jacket

jacket budget

It is a little love and hate about the jacket!

One can find all tastes for all kinds of expenses, and according to your expectations if you know to hold your own game you can quite make satisfactory purchases.

One thing for sure: quality jacket requires about 300 euros, but be warned it is one of the strong parts of the holding, with the coat and shoes.

This means that it is a strategic part on which your budget should be devoted , for the creation of a good performance and style is thereby easier if you start with a strong piece. It’s easy to find pants ideas based on your shoes, just as it is easy to select shirts, t shirts and shirts according to your jacket.
Good signs:

If you live in Paris, check blazers with Acne store located at the Royal Palace.
Pascal Vanlef is a designer who devotes himself to pieces with perfect cuts. If you want to know more about the jacket and possibilities, you will learn a lot from him.
With a good budget and time devoted to the research, go for at Zara (see its high-end line, marked by a small chain above the label), H & M and Gap. For upscale, head at Acne, Flippa K, Melinda Gloss and Wooyoungmi.
You also have opportunities to find good parts from Devred and Celio Club online.
With a small budget, iya also what to do in the ready-to-wear: suit jackets suitable for under 100 euros have access to Jules and you might find a denim jacket to your cut in thrift stores!
Thus, regardless of the location of your search, if you put a little of your ways you have to find the correct room.

Finally, a few maintenance tips:

Any jacket should be taken to the cleaners. Note that this is an extreme cleaning that uses your room. That’s why you do will bring when the situation demands, not every month . For small tasks, clean simply by hand.
Air your clothes after wearing before storing to avoid it takes odors.
No iron! It is a blow to go to confession there.
The jacket embellished holding.


Imagine a pretty woman, recently met (or not), staring at you with shining eyes and slightly chewed lip, his eyes browsing your face, down almost inadvertently on the lines of your shoulders, open your collar, your chest heaving quietly according to your breathing … it focuses on the details of your clothes, her eyes distracted by the play of colors and materials, the most robust leather soft and flowing silk, coupled with warm tones the deep blue.

You feel the shudder she wants nothing, touch this package that covers you and remove it as if it were the icing of her favorite cake …

Certainly this is not the best erotic paragraph of French literature, at least Will he deserves to make you understand the importance of the part that is the jacket.

With it, you will be the gift of the world who want to open it.

The best pastry as we like taste.

Elementary is not it?

And you, what kind of jacket you won? Top us know in the comments!

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