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We are dealing today a new element of menswear, and it is undoubtedly a traditional room. When it’s time to trade your boots or shoes for something lighter to withstand hot temperatures, moccasins are excellent shoes for a style that is both masculine and elegant. Available in several models, the basic aims crafted in leather, and may be accompanied by fringes.

Intended to be worn barefoot or with thin socks low waist, moccasins represent a good boundary between the city and the style summer shoe. More so dressed as sandals or sneakers, they can be easily associated with various casual clothing or costume.

The big plus of the moccasin is its smoothness, compared to derbies or desert boot, which would make you sweat and would soon uncomfortable.

How best to use this type of pieces in your wardrobe? There are some simple principles and easy to handle so you do not regret your purchase.

Create a style with moccasins


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The only danger is from moccasins in a register too “precious” including shoes with tassels (called tassel), which can be interesting for an offbeat but less if you do not assume the preppy style.
If you dress with a polka dot shirt or polo with the collar, you will feel that you are doing too much, especially with faded jeans (Sunday dragger range). Match moccasins to a single term: elegance. The key will be to mix pieces with different connotations of elegance.

To start, here are some guidelines:

Moccasins with a t-shirt and chino
Moccasins with shorts and a leather strap adventurous way.
In the cooler seasons, you can even associate them with unexpected pieces like a leather jacket, preferably non perfecto for this case.
Mix also matters if your moccasins are canvas, try a denim shirt . If they are leather, prefer high light cotton.


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It is good to bet with accessories , as I indicated with the bracelets, but you can also develop interesting effects with an original watch and especially beautiful solar (save for a model from Oliver Peoples, the budget is really worth considering their expertise).

You’ll understand the purpose moccasins is to manipulate their connotation and outside the box. This is not the type of shoes easiest to take ownership, especially in the fact that they do not go with everything and anything. It is more difficult for a young audience to desire when we imagine all the other choices available. They further their acclaim among young adults. Dare to make several attempts and give you time to complete your sets.


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You can also look for inspiration in the Scandinavian style , designed to mix the austere, chic and offbeat. One of the best examples is the dark shirt buttoned to the maximum, together with chinos and loafers. They also make elegant ideas crossings in business suits.

What colors for your man loafers?

It can be easy to go in every direction to the color level to choose a pair of shoes , or confined in restrictive opting for a black or gray pair, which would be a shame given all possible options.


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First I encourage you not to select black or white shoes, except for certain situations, these tones are not recommended to have style.

The problem is that black may give in too severe, while white can be too “flashy” and get noticed. These precautions are especially valid for the ups and pants. Footwear and accessories, you can better get away, but the secret is that … you have too many interesting choices to limit yourself to these ideas.
Rather than loafers, look pastel colors: sky blue, sand, metal, taupe, pink …
Swap the black loafers with pretty shoes royal brown or blue, silky or shiny leather.
As for associations, the basic principle is to choose discrete shoes if your clothes are observed (yellow shirt, chino red …). If you rather discrete ranges (classic blue, beige, gray), it’s a great idea to make moccasins in red, yellow, green or orange.


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Of course, one can go further: you can resume tones from details. Say you have beige models with red pompoms : Put the red at the top. If you have green and sky blue tiles, have fun with a belt or a green blazer.

Make also the cameo of reminders is to say select nearby colors on the color wheel: green loafers, gray chinos, short sky blue shirt and blazer cyan.

circle-chromaticFrom artsy.net

Also observe the seasons and temperatures: if it is very hot and you have the sun, choose light colors. In the evenings, it’s not a bad idea to make elegant shoes in brown leather.

The class she deserves!

moccasins classes

From mdvstyle.com

Moccasins have character, and we can confirm that this is a room usually reserved for men who already have some experience in their style. Ideal for marking your personality, you can either stay in a traditional spirit or take closer shoes “boat” style, popular with young people.
For budgets, you honestly will not find good shoes unless you locate within 200 euros. To optimize your purchase, I recommend you to go to Paris in the balances . Good shoes are rare in other cities because the fashion industry is less active, and so the standards are lower.

Regarding brands, some of our favorites are Paul Smith, APC, Santoni, JM Weston and Markowski.

If you are bothered by the smell of sweat, entirely normal phenomenon with summer shoes, there is a simple and enchanting remedy: talcum powder. Apply it quietly and you will have much less discomfort.

And you, do you wear moccasins? How do you use them, with what outfits? Come and tell us in the comments.

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