The elegance, long shirt dress , first of all, especially for a man, for that reason can not be completely overlooked an element that, for many, it may seem a simple detail, but that is a component of the clothing of the highest importance: The shirt fit .
The shirt is, by its very nature, a very “demanding boss” to wear, so they can not be totally accepted, for lovers of good dress, red pencil from errors such as those related to its wearability.
When it comes to shirt, it should be remembered, it is called an item of clothing that has to be perfect, able to adapt to the physical than anyone wearing it, while avoiding the two opposite ends, namely to tighten or, conversely, to appear overly abundant.
Precisely in order to avoid any fall of style, the tradition of men’s fashion demanded that the shirt was packaged in a very precise manner, thus overcoming any obstacle related to the fit of the garment, because, following a precise tailoring technique for packaging, it was impossible fall into topical sensational.
Today, however, the choice of a shirt that is perfectly suited to the physique of each person has become a simple thing, given that the shirt is produced with different types of fit, designed specifically to meet the needs of each body.
There are three main models of shirt defined according to what is their fit, which helps to avoid mistakes in choosing the one that is the tailored shirt most appropriate, thus ensuring greater comfort and greater ease nell’indossarla.
Therefore, the three main models shirt , according to their wearability are:
classic fit,
slim fit,
regular fit.
The shirt with wearability classic fit refers to a model of classic shirt , fairly wide cut, perfect to wear under the jacket, to accompany a business or other formal attire. The classic fit model is a shirt that fits perfectly into any type of body, and that requires, for its highest exaltation, a very classic look, which is why it is preferable to a shirt plain neutral (like white or a color clear), to be worn with a contrasting tie or tone on tone.
The shirt fit with slim fit , however, is best suited for those who prefer a casual and informal look; shows a hollow cut into the sides clinging to life, following the contour of the body like a second skin, for this reason, the shirt slim fit is perfect for those who have a slender build. E ‘can wear it untucked and matches the jeans in dark solid colors, or in fantasies and stripes in a vintage fabric.
The shirt fit with regular fit, finally, has a cut slightly adherent of classic fit , but the most formal of the slim fit , a special feature that makes it suitable for a relatively formal look, but also ideal for those who choose sportswear without being too trendy. More elegant in classic shades and subtle striped, strong colors and tone vintage, the shirt regular fit is also perfect with jeans and casual attire, with the slight sidecut makes it can also be worn untucked.

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