Even if you’re going to the beach, for swimming and sunbathing, this does not justify the fact that you do not have to dress appropriately and arrive sloppily or worse only with the costume. There is a beach look, a real beach dress code . Objective: what to put on the costume not to appear too trivial or too excessive. In choosing our leaders keep in mind the factors that in summer are more than ever essential. First of all the ages: the risk of wanting to prove that we are still young, proposing an adolescent look that sortirà rather the opposite effect.

how a man dresses for the beach

It can help the fact of exhibiting a physical training for all year. Just look at the face and eyes that never lie, beyond any fillers or botox, as well as hair from white / gray colors. In the eyes of the beach, with the wrong look, your years will increase at least a decade, in addition to the risk ranked as the one ” who still feels young boy “. It must dress to be comfortable choosing clothes that make us feel at ease, not always what is fashionable is good on each of us. The look must bring out the strengths of our person and not belittle.

male costumes for the beach
How to dress to go to the beach and what to bring .
As a rule: away the superfluous. We’re going to the beach and not to a gala reception, must be easy chic. Also on the beach we’ll be dressed for a short time, so needless to wear … unnecessary.

how to dress for going to the beach (2)
Long pants rolled up to capacity. They are always long.
Short Sleeve Shirt.
Closed shoes or tennis.
Ciabattoni. Although some brands- even propose the We will avoid like the plague.
Tank. Permissible for males up to 3 years.
Shoulder strap.
Chains and bracelets of gold: do a little ‘rapper.
The golden watch: tamarro ago.
Costume inappropriate physical. This year I saw that someone wanted to include the pence per costume. What a genius! The costume by the “grandfather” we can avoid it.

how you dress a man to go to the beach
shirt with long sleeves to roll up sull’avanbraccio and keep open to the third button (umbilical avoids openings you’re Belen). Okay cotton linen but would be perfect. Clear or natural color, or in shades of blue being mixed in with the sea and the sky.
Bermuda. Cotton or linen and light furniture. A classic or khaki colored rope is always stylish. Blue nothing for the beach.
T-shirt. The year of the lines? So why do not we try to wear them. To avoid the t-shirt black color. The black beach is not a color, but a stain that you notice more than ever thanks to the sun and sand. A black dot to delete.
Flip-flops. The beach is the only place where we can wear it. Espadrilles rope or boat shoes: man’s prerogative chic.

espadrilles zabattigli 2016 Summer
Espadrilles Zabattigli of Capri with embroidered initials

Beach Towel . Beautiful ones in gauze and foam, they are light and not too much trash written oo fluorescent colors.

what to bring to the beach
Beach towel and sponge gauze Harmont & Blaine

Hat in raffia. The natural tones are the most suitable.
Backpack. To the beach is a very useful accessory is the ultra chic bag in raw cotton and rope with leather trim.

backpack Calabrese rope 1924
beach bag Calabrese 1924

Beach bag . In raw canvas or cotton, striped or blue. Very useful for storing our outfits and do not leave it exposed as a commodity for sale on a stall.

bag by male sea Harmont & Blaine
beach bag Harmont & Blaine

Book. When I say book does not mean the collection of jokes about policemen, but a good novel. To show that we are not up with the trends showing off the best selling titles because it’s cool.
Solar. It is not unseemly slather a cream (rub a cream does not mean getting to do erotic massage in public) to avoid “red shrimp” effect at the end of the day.

you have to dress like a man to go to the beach
Banana peels
These garments and accessories to be evaluated carefully according to your physique.
Heads with floral or Hawaiian print.
Pareo. On some men can increase the charge of sex appeal, on others it may take effect “take the place of my wife.”

pareo men sea
T-Shirts with flashy prints.
Magazines. What you see is what you are. They have the umbrella from magazines that you buy only at this time of year. The genus gossip is the most popular.
I just have to wish you a good beach.

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