Comes the Copa America and more women are enrolling our Colombia national team jersey to show the world our passion for football. For this reason I want to give you some tips if you want to look your shirt without dying in the attempt.

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I use your shirt according to its original design What I mean by this? The women’s team jersey has a specific design and support our team is not a race to see who shows more. The shirt was not designed as ombliguera or strapped to the side, front or back and when you do, the only thing you accomplish is take style.
Use it with tennis, this is a sports shirt and is therefore a serious mistake to use it with boots or heels.
If you live in a place where there is beach, warm weather or are in the middle of summer, shorts are an excellent choice, but if you’re in a place like Bogota forget about them, ideally be a pair of jeans.
Accessories: The dark sun glasses if you are perfect, hats, paint your face, flowers, etc. You will find a million things to use on the street, that’s where you can go crazy and maybe break some rules which usually use.
Not the courts, it is preferable if you want a different style, look for a place to make the selection beadwork designs that fit what you want.
If you are going out, the ideal is a casual small bag to accompany your footballing look with the basics, because at this time the sites will be quite busy and the more comfortable you are better.
Forget leggings combined with the shirt, because the shirt is too short for this style pants and things you do not want’ll stand (unless you head to the gym).
As I always say in my publications, use the right size, do not want to see you like your little brother or your older brother they had given you the.

At the end the important thing is to have fun, but when looking look and feel good, it is worth to follow these tips to help you highlight your beauty while helping our selection Colombia.

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