A great recognition from across the Channel for the tailoring of our house for short sleeve dress shirts : the Financial Times , the most famous financial newspaper in the UK, has crowned the Neapolitan tailoring as the best in the world, this is because, with their knowledge and own experience, “does not just follow trends, but always creates new” . The Neapolitan tailoring , unlike the Italian, thanks to a widespread and organized distribution in detail, can dress the powerful and the capitalists of the whole world, especially those of the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, the Middle East and Asia, combining with the underlying theme of taste for dressing well, New York to Hong Kong and London to Moscow.

A fact, this, which contrasts with the general situation of our country: while Italy, on the one hand, collapses into its decline, the other the Neapolitan tailoring conquers the world market, with its masters who find hospitality and praise in any corner of the world.

The world’s elite dress “made in Naples” and follow the fashion and art dictated by the Neapolitan tailoringwhich, once, dressed and created the image of politicians, artists and of Italian industrialists, today reaches the world from end to end, counting among its clients the Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev and billionaire businessman Frank Fertitta, names that make the idea of high quality and luxury that the expertise of theNeapolitan tailoring reached, as well as significant portions market that still can reach.

The great success of the Neapolitan tailoring finds its essence in two elements that characterize the mastery of craft work in Naples and the surrounding area: the first is the almost obsessive attention to the minimum and the smallest details of a leader, by far the most important. For best results with these, knowledge, precision and high quality of work carried out by the masters of the Neapolitan tailoring is unmatched anywhere else in the world, even if, in Italy, that excellence is neither appreciated nor preserved . The luxury market is timeless, and it is to that target pointing the Neapolitan tailoring with their heads handmade, the second strong point, which resist the increasingly strong appeal of globalization, moving away from their home and making you feel more and more uncomfortable clothing for artists, making them more and more visitors welcome in the home of others.

If Italy is a study of contrasts – says the editor of the Financial Times Rachel Sanderson – Naples and its tailoring offer one of the most evocative. The city is plagued by decline and urban decay, some areas are completely in the hands of organized crime, while the luck of the tailors, who hand-cuts and sews clothes between languor and the real beauty of the city grows. The idea that beauty (in the world of fashion, food, tourism and culture) will save Italy is widespread, but the possibilities and limitations of this belief are revealed in Neapolitan tailoring, which, in the vagaries of life daily and in the difficulties of doing business in Naples and Italy, finds its competitive advantage: high tackle head any problem, a quality that is part of the same character of Neapolitans. “

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