Often it’s the details that make the difference, and one of them, in the world of shirts, is certainly represented by the various types of shirt collar that can characterize a shirt. It ‘important, if not essential, to know that before choosing the right shirt depending on the occasion, it is good to know how to juggle between the wide variety of existing shirt collars, each of which is appropriate for a certain type of out- and therefore fit for a certain type of situation, but also the right to embody your personal style. There are six main types of shirt collar, each with its own combination that we’re going to introduce you.
The italian collar is the type that perfectly embodies what is the national style. Its main feature are the bits close enough to each other and for this perfectly suitable for wearing bow ties or skinny ties with minimal nodes, so as to be brought into open more informal occasions. There is a variant to this type of shirt collar, the so-called “half-height”, lower and therefore more suitable for a style and a youthful look.
The classic collar is the shirt collar shirts for the universe of excellence. Suitable for any occasion and for any age, it is perfect whether you want to wear a tie or you want to bring unfastened, to create an out-fit formal but also under a sweater. What sets it apart from the italian collar sizes are less pronounced tips.
The button-down collar, or even “plan”, is characterized by the presence of two buttons fixing the soft bits of the neck to the body of the shirt. It lends itself to a kind of casual sportswear or otherwise, to be worn strictly no tie or unfastened.
The French collar, without doubt the most elegant type. It is formed by very large spikes and open that give the shirt a very refined tone, ideal for important tie knots and bulky. With this type of camcia neck is important especially the robustness of the fabric and the presence of slats within the same which keep the always well composed tips. A curiosity: in France this type of shirt collar is called “Italian.”
The neck “diplomatic” or swallow-tail, is a must for men’s wedding dresses and a detail essential for particularly elegant situations like ceremonies, gala evenings or when it is required to wear a tuxedo. This type of neck shirt is distinguished, with respect to the other, for the tips bent outwards, making it perfectly matched to a black tie or white.
collar Korean
The mandarin collar is the latest trend for those who like a very refined style, because it gives the versatility shirt, so it can be worn buttoned elegant occasions, with the neck which gives a touch of rigor and originality at the same time, how open in casual and informal environments, giving the shirt that greater sense of sportsmanship and freedom that makes it really trendy.

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