The shirt is in the collective, one of the finest leaders that a man can wear. On this little doubt, if not for the fact that before the universe shirt was pretty limited, but today you can find leaders who embody the wildest imagination of its creators, so what to do? This article will try to give some advice on the different types of shirt, their significance and the situations in which it is right or wrong to wear them.
The solid color shirt is the most simple and formal style, unless it is a particularly bright color. The colored shirts can be very different even between them equal in color, and in this case becomes the central nature of the pattern that form the fabric; certainly they appear very different shirts of a single tone but made in poplin, twill and herringbone.
The white is undoubtedly the most popular shirt color, and in the past dominated the scene representing in fact the only possible for a gentleman. The absence of a colored collar or cuffs meant that the wearer was not performing a job for which you would be soiled. The colored shirt, however, was viewed with great suspicion, because you thought was primarily used to cover some type of stain. Even today, the white shirt is regarded as the more formal and has become one of the leaders who should never miss in the wardrobe of a man. With a white shirt you will go on the safe side at every opportunity.
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The choice of shirt blue is due to the fact that he can, depending on its intensity, to be comfortable with any type of coloring in most men. It has a prominent place among the shirts as it is a viable alternative to white, but often, for this reason, for many men is the only colored shirt within their wardrobe.
The other colors represent the way that a man can choose to have a different style and very personal. The colors, even if inserted only in the grounds of the shirt, can be of great help to enhance the color of a face. Men who know how to wear casually these shirts are easily able to stand out for their style among all those who wear a shirt.
The striped shirt can enhance some men using it to your advantage the natural colors. This type of shirt is especially well with a dark suit plain. The lines were first introduced in fancy shirts and are considered more formal than with squares. Already present in menswear business nineteenth century, were intended to be worn by businessmen, especially in finance. To determine the degree of formality of a striped shirt must take into consideration the kind of fantasy, but also the size of the same and the space between a ground and the other. The rows, close to each other of a same color, from dark to medium, on a white background, are those that can be considered more formal, the rows of more intense color, however, have a different visual impact and in this case the fantasy is perceived as casual. Over the thin line is more informal is the image of the shirt, while most lines are close together, the greater the degree of formality.
The checked shirt, in the past, indicating the origin of the person wearing it, mostly rural. Today, although of course it is not so, some men give up wearing a plaid shirt with elegant clothes for fear of not being able to make the right combinations and create a mixture of fantasies. But it is not always so, in fact, a checked shirt with a solid suit and a striped tie together can be a very successful combination. The only thing to consider is that the checked shirt is the least formal of all, so maybe it is good to find an opportunity in which you want to wear.

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