Autumn has now arrived, and as each season takes its rightful toll in terms of style.

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What are the best style choices to address in a trendy this time of year?
The leitmotif, I will say at once, will be: eye for detail , why, if there lieutenant to show elegant on every occasion, to pay will certainly be the choice of an original outfit and perfectly matched with different accessories, to create a perfect marriage between the coolest fantasies of the moment.
Let’s start off by an unshakeable certainty: one classical style consisting of white shirt, black suit and tie in the same color is, and always will be, synonymous with success, provided it is well proportioned for their physical and wore impeccably; However, the real difference between a monotonous style, and one that does not go unnoticed makes the tie .
The tie is autumn protagonist, and becomes in many different ways: for woven silk effect textures, the imagination used, which stands in perfect contrast with the dress, or the color , with the must-haves of the season represented by army green or cobalt blue. More generally, though, for this accessory, next to the silk it is back in fashion the wool that, combined with a tweed jacket or blue and gray suits, which are typically formal, manages to get to the wearer a result of more casual , yet refined . It is also possible to envisage the use of a tie Prince of Wales on a linen shirt, a fabric which, however, saw the arrival of the first cold, is not it just be for those who, instead, makes the sign of the creativity of his style, ideal.
For lovers of a decidedly more casual style , the choice is to pull over jackets with a modern and sophisticated style with the most slacks or jeans, or model mesh comfort, perhaps accompanied by a soft pashmina , an outfit that, if well mixed in its various components, it may result in very interesting creations.
The real protagonist of autumn, though, will be the tartan , the famous wool fabric, formed by blocks of color are repeated vertically and horizontally, in a square pattern and lines quite distinctive and original. In this case the choice is not really free, because it is preferable to choose the one on dark blue base .

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