How to wear the blazer man
What to wear with a blazer man?
The jacket is one of the pieces easier to wear . It requires no special skills, and accommodates well for solid basic and cheap.

Here are some tracks of associations of clothes that have proven their effectiveness:

sober shirt (with any printed) + jacket
scoop neck tee (= deep round neckline) + shirt + jacket
shirt (with collar possibly twisted) + jacket
plaid shirt jacket +
cardigan jacket + shirt +
tee-shirt V + V-neck sweater jacket +
hoodie with a sober color (+ eventual shirt) + jacket
Thereafter, we will take the time to illustrate this list many pictures look.

The T-shirt and blazer
Blazer and shirt collar V
If summer weather, a simple blazer lapel copes well with a T-shirt V-neck as the geometric lines of the collar and cuffs are harmonious .

The assembly formed by the collar of the shirt
and blazer backhand is consistent

By combining T-shirts with complementary passes, the layering (= the layer stack) can bring contrast and color recalls.

There is talk of a clever layering with clever reminders: pocket, button and T-shirt are the same color, athus a reminder of the torso hair and beard

In the case of the previous photo, the T-shirt V-neck worn under the Tunisian shirt created an additional and harmonious geometric level.

If temperatures are too high, we can apply the same principle of superposition wearing a cotton cardigan and a collared shirt under the jacket V.

Blazer Man and shirt with round neck
According to the same geometrical considerations, it is likely that the crew neck is not appropriate. In fact this is not true as the basics are solid and matched with elegance. Below, a T-shirt BG-1.32 crewneck:

Pieces chosen based on beautiful cuts
and beautiful colors instantly give the look.

Once you master the basics of the look based on cutting and solid colors , it’s time to play with color without looking too sophisticated ideas ( synonymous brainer ).

This casual look gives the feeling of
the character without willingness to say “look, I like”.

Later, you can start playing on the depth of the passes or the color tones :

1 – Above a round neck very “scoop neck” gives relief to an incorporated holding dark rooms.

2 – This look offers another solution: the tones of the sweater and blazer are close enough that the geometric contrast does not interfere.

Shirt and blazer: a safe bet to start
The shirt is the perfect companion of the blazer because it is a piece whose structure adapts perfectly to the latter: the shirt collar and lapel blazer together form a geometrically harmonious TRES (the neck of the shirt naturally hold in one of the blazer, exceeding in little bit).

You can go anywhere with an open shirt worn casually in a nice blazer

As soon as one is comfortable with his blazer and his favorite shirts, we can begin to find original details – called twists – like the neck of the shirt, for example:

All angles formed by the lines of the collar of the shirt and blazer lapels are harmonious.

Shirt and blazer man to an older style
Associations twists can sometimes present geometric contrasts, such as the coexistence of sharp setback on a round neck shirt.

In all cases, an advanced vision of the style can sublimate such details and develop looks that have character.

Here, the cuts are remarkable, as the color mapping

It is noted that the range of the light scarf with the statement backhand gives a connotation of relaxation

In terms of the combination of colors together, be sure to consider the color of the buttons of the shirt. Whether horn, wood, mother of pearl or plastic, they are all the more important to consider that they form the dotted line leading to your face.

What applies to the shirt buttons obviously applies to jackets buttons: here the green reflection of nacre cardigan buttons is highlighted by the color of blazer

You can wear a shirt under a shirt for example a gray or white shirt under a chambray shirt.

Attention to overthink
Always keep in mind not to fall into the multiplication of colors on the one hand, and not try to do too obvious reminders on the other.

Being concerned about a perfect match reveals a mechanical sensitivity. It is not there that the true aesthetic sense.

Here, as always, it is to aim right but to do it with nonchalance and detachment that nobody should ever doubt.

Feel free to read articles on how to match colors .

About polo under a blazer
Be open to all parts of the locker room as the style and elegance outweigh the pre-conceived ideas: including polo.

This gives nice look polo acclaim
although the model is key in every sense

Roll up the sleeves of the blazer and playing with colors
An interesting way of appropriating his style is to play with how to wear the blazer in rolling up the sleeves on the forearm.

– Wait I have a good “no sleeves, no chocolate.” – … It is the pits? it’s not even a joke in fact.
It is more natural to do so if the sleeves can be open, that is to say, if they are equipped with real buttonholes .

It will be much more complicated to do with blazers without open slots (over-represented in the ready-to-wear base).

Comparing the sleeves of a blazer H & M (white)
with a blazer Suitsupply (gray) speaks for itself.

This twist does not necessarily bring more freshness when temperatures are high because the air can not circulate.

Instead, roll up his sleeves brings the right amount of relaxation and helps unveil a color fabric extra (cardigan or blazer lining) with which it is possible to have fun (a point).

Subtle reminder of color between the pouch,
belt and shirt sleeves rolled up.

Our selection of blazers for men
Foreword: All models presented below are part of the collection available at the time of writing this article (spring-summer 2014). No need to look the exact same six months later (but you will find excellent equivalents for these same brands).

The entry-blazers
This is necessarily a price range where we find nothing lasting , but everyone has to go through it. The first prizes at Zara and H & M start at € 50, where there is only synthetic (or very very standard cotton). If it is the first day of the sales, we can do very good business.

A model H & M synthetic fabric € 50.

By approaching € 100, you can begin to find linen, including Zara.

Zara blazer linen € 80.

If one wishes to find natural materials (wool, cotton, etc.), it costs in these shops more than € 100.

H & M blazer from the Premium range in heathered wool € 130.

Although they neglect the finish and quality of materials , these major retailers sometimes offer of excellent cuts . This becomes relevant to retouch these blazers to fit perfectly to your body (bending, body and bottom of sleeve).

It should be noted that a blazer from Zara or H & M is hardly more than a season. After this time, the padding deforms (upholstery fabric at the shoulders), the fabric shows many signs of wear and, if we had the misfortune to take him to the cleaners, the fabric has small blisters unsightly ( because the heat-bonding within the garment)

Finally, we must at all costs make one last thing essential when we surveyed these shops looking for a blazer: attention to the cut , especially in the back .

At the top of the entry level, we can fall back on the selection of COS blazers (190 €). For slender figures, the sobriety of the Swedish fashion is always a safe bet.

COS blazer slim model wool € 190
which would deserve to be won on the first day of sales.

Blazers midrange
To prefer compared to the entry level, it will be always more sustainable and therefore more profitable in the medium term.

Suitsupply , some looks in this article are derived, is a Dutch brand that offers jackets from 200 € to cuts immaculate, the material quality (English tweed, Italian wool, etc.), and with montages more than respectable (real openings sleeves, semi traditional interlining or interlining full, etc.).

Like many other brands that we appreciate the strategic model of this brand is in the vertical integration (as Frank & Oak which we have already spoken ). Thus, the ratio quality / price is excellent . The catch is that they are accessible on the Internet .

Finally, the shop Suitsupply is a great source of inspiration to begin composing advanced looks.

The Washington model is Suitsupply blazer buttons two and a half which is especially pronounced bending. Here the model is available in linen and it costs € 230.

A model from Havana Suitsupply Cotton € 200.

You can also take a look on the side of Gant Rugger , which offers a compromise between elegance and relaxation in its collections 🙂

Caution large company offering cuts and seductive details at exorbitant prices as Kooples, Sandro and consort. Their communication structure and distribution does not allow them to offer quality at a competitive price (they realize gross margins too high, see our article on the circuit of the ready-to-wear ).

These marks should be approached that during the (alleged) stocking and other private sales. This is where clothing prices begin somehow to approach a reasonable value in terms of quality (a blazer for a little over 200 € in general).

We make the same point that the input range of blazers about premature aging: attention to padding, often with synthetics or low end, to premature wear and heat bonded fabric that makes bubbles.

Upscale blazers
If one wishes to focus on quality and sustainability , we can turn to Filippa K (€ 300), Acne (€ 500), Melinda Gloss (€ 500), De Fursac (500 €) and The Human Comedy (400 €) which are safe bets.

Acne blazer in wool 470 € deserves
also to be won on the first day of sales,
although they are all brands that soldent little.


Melinda Gloss blazer in wool equivalent to the previous € 525, with pretty wooden buttons.

Passed the next stage of blazers over worked , with cuts having twists stylistic, become strong pieces with lots of character.

This happens on the side of eclectic and technical jackets (700 €), Ozwald Boateng (600 €), Wooyoungmi (between 500 and 650 €) or Dior Homme (1400 €).

The grail: a model Dior Homme mohair wool and satin to 1425 euros

These pieces that send dreams seem unattainable. However, do not hesitate to enter the luxury stores to try them, find out what they inspire, observe details, finishes and touch the fabrics. This is a necessary step if you want to seize opportunities when they arise (when balances, or with brands practicing more reasonable prices, though eclectic already offers an excellent quality / price ratio).

This approach allows to follow a principle that you should never get around: take the time to try and observe . This is a necessary condition for the development of your style.

Bonus: making my own blazer
In the first article , I spoke of the construction method of the fully interfaced jacket I made this year. Leaving aside the technical aspect of fitting the garment. It would be too long and off topic to go into details. Let us rather finishes.

The advantage of performing his garment especially oneself lies in the opportunity to choose its material, lining and buttons.

In this case, I chose a matching liner whose original coupon from a luxury home.

The installation of the liner is entirely handmade

The assembly is made with a point slid hidden feature of haute couture technique.

Second thing: I took care to enjoy myself when it was time to pick my spots. I went to a specialty shop in the Marais in order to have a catalog worthy of the name.

Must enter a courtyard to reach the entrance of suppliers, rue des Francs Bourgeois, Paris.

Inside, it really is the temple of the buttons: they are presented according to their materials, colors and sizes.

Personally, I chose buttons real horn. This material, which is found only on ready-to-wear medium and high-end, is synonymous with elegance and discretion.

After an impromptu photo shoot, I brought you some pictures of this flannel jacket Vitale Barberis freshly completed.

Note: the pants in cotton gabardine, it is also me

For my first jacket I wanted a sport model, very short, with rather thin notched lapel.

The canvas allows a tailor rolled characteristic reverse this traditional assembly

The shoulder head is mounted on a cigarette, a process that allows a graceful rounded.

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